Tuesday, February 13

No CATastrophe!

I heard that previously when the family have gone away and left the cats in the care of someone, there had been a CATastrophe. I did not know this when I did the house sit. I didn't know until after. Thank goodness. I called after the house sit was over, to return the key, and was surprised that the two cats ran out to greet me. As if I was a special friend. I was impressed.

Anyway we were all pleased to see the cats happy and well after my four days of care. Nice cats.

I am glad that I didn't know the previous history! A great house sit and I'd be happy to return. I loved the house, especially the great outdoor entertaining/eating area. Loved it.

When I think about it - I've already done two house sits this year - and another one to start on February 27th.

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