Friday, February 9

I've moved in

I get on with the two cats quite well - especially the three legged one. He injured his leg in a tree - no one is sure how it happened, but it did. He manages quite well on his three legs now. A fortune was spent apparently trying to save the leg - to no avail.

I love the house - it is all on one level - no stairs. Yippee! Plenty of big rooms with television in three rooms. It is spacious, and well appointed. And quiet. Ideal for writing.

The house has a wonderful outdoor area overlooking an adjacent park. And being in a cul de sac, there is little traffic noise either. Bliss.

The family are originally from Rhodesia - now Zimbabwe - so there are quite a few pictures, momentos of life in Africa - zebras, elephants and girafes especially. This is the first house sit I have done that my car fits in the garage - and it has a remote controlled thing to open and close the door. Can I get lazy on this or what????

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