Tuesday, February 27

I'm on Lamb Island again

It is dark and quiet. Not a car to be heard - not a sound. I'm back on Lamb Island looking after a house and a dog. I met the home owners on the mainland, they gave me the house key, the key to the car on the island, and the swipe card so I can park my car in the secure park near the ferry terminal.

The ferry was crowded - and I sat next to a chatty lady who is renting a bouse on Macleay Island - she and her husband have sold their Sunshine Coast house and are trying to determine if they like island living.

One of the drawbacks is that though there are some shops on the islands, they can be expensive, and most folk buy groceries and other items on the mainland. You see quite a range of strange trollies, and big bags of strange items being loaded on the ferry for transport to the island. It is a pain, but part of island living. And getting tradesmen ....... well that's another long story.

The old four wheel truck that I used last time I was over here has been pensioned off and I get to drive a little blue Ford Laser - it doesn't worry me, though this vehicle doesn't have power steering and I can see that I will have to get used to that!

It is hot and steamy. There are storms around, but I think they won't hit until tomorrrow afternoon - so the forecast says. Muggy. I do have ceiling fans, and I can turn the air conditioner on if I want.

Bella the dog welcomed me - wagging tail and barking - but she's settled down now. I didn't bring much food with me, I'm due back on the mainland tomorrow. And I'm contemplating using some food replacement product - an opportunity to lose weight again?

I did some work on my novel today - not a lot, but I'm pleased with the progress. I'll not get back to it until tomorrow afternoon now.

I think I'll have a quick cold shower to cool down before retiring.

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