The visit from the possum

Just outside the back door of the house at Manly is a cupboard. I think the door is always open. I've had a peep in. There's a bucket and mop, some household cleaning items, a row of shoes and a few bits and pieces of things.

Last night I had the back door open, and after a while I could hear this banging and crashing in the cupboard. My first thought was that it was the cat, Slinky, and I went to the cupboard and came face to face with a ringtail possum. We faced each other - our faces only 18 inches apart. We just stared at each other.

I chose to back off, and slowly inched my way back through the back door, which I shut so that the possum could not enter. Interestingly I wondered if a possum had been in the house during the day. There were a few things in the bathroom and kitchen that had fallen and I don't think there was any wind. The cat could have done it. I don't know.

Ps. our daughter is back home from hospital. A little sore! Actually her elbow was dislocated. So it was put back into place and sent home. We all have to wait on her now!