Slinky the Cat

At this Manly house there is only one animal - a rather lovely tabby cat called Slinky. I don't seem much of him, but he's always there for his breakfast, and at night when he's made keen for his scheduled can of cat food. He evenknows what cupboard it is in, and will put his head in to see what variety is on the menu!

A nice cat, and at times he's quite amorous. He'll fall at my feet, and rub my leg. He even got onto the table and rubbed up to the laptop. (Don't know what he thought of that!)

When I arrive at the end of the day he's there to greet me. I remember being very fond of cats as a child, but I'm less inclined to pat and cuddle them now, as they make me sneeze and my eyes have a tendency to water when cats are around. I'm taking it cautiously.