Quiet nights

I'm still suffering from Shingles, and have stayed at the house each night, but during the day I return home. The plan is to stay at the quiet house during the day and catch up on my writing, but I've been in too much pain to concentrate on the writing. In any case, I had to set up a blog and I needed my other computer to do it. I followed a program that I found and now recommend. You'll find information about it in this blog post Click here

I love the peace at night. Little traffic. I've been able to sleep mostly for four hours at a time. Better than at home. And I can read in bed which I don't do at home because it disturbs someone. Especially the dog!

Yesterday, (Saturday) I had the two grandchildren to look after and we went to the new Portside to see the Pacific Star readying for afternoon departure. The girls loved seeing the big ship up close. Later we went to watch it go under the Gateway Bridge.


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