Plans for next months

Well, I have accepted the housesit on Lamb Island - it is for 2 weeks, so I look forward to it. I hope my health has improved such that it will be more fruitful time than last time. In any case it should be a little cooler, and with any luck I shall be able to walk a bit more.

I finished the Manly house sit - lovely quiet place, but I must remember that I do not like windows without screens. The mozzies came in and for some reason I feel more secure with screens.

I've never felt particularly at risk when I have been on my own at a house sit, but I do recognise that it is a step "out of the ordinary", and not knowing neighbours etc it is isolating. I know that the owner had some "security concerns", but she wouldn't elaborate. It made me a little more alert.

Anyway, I had quiet nights, no problems, but it won't be on my list to do again.


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