Sunday, January 14

Long Days

Our daughter is quite incapacitated since her accident. She is in a deal of pain, and unable to use her left hand, which of course is very limiting. She can shower as long as her arm is wrapped in plastic held in place by tape. Something she cannot do herself. She can put some of her own clothes on, but not all. The children, although quite understanding, are still frustrated that mummy can't open bottles, peel apples, and do things.

She did help them make jelly, so they fed themselves jelly and cream. They've been very very good.

My housesit is not far away, and although I am not 100% I have been able to do a few things.

Back at the house, the cat survives, and I haven't seen the possum. I wish it would rain as I've struggled using water from a pool to water the garden as much as I can. It's painful for me to do things as well. I didn't stay at the house on Saturday night, but I've called in to see that Slinky is OK and fed.

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