First Night at Oceania

I was due to move in on Wednesday and duly arrived, only to find that a guy who was supposed to have moved out was still there. He has moved into a room under the house, but was supposed to be gone. I didn't stay. I'm very aware not to put myself in circustances that might put me at risk. I didn't know him, and I refused to stay.
I moved in late yesterday. (Thursday). I'm still feeling a little unwell, so a bit slow. I had a bit to eat, and went to bed early. I like being on my own as I can read when I want, play music that I want when I want. I was awake early. I think the cat tried to get in a window that I had shut, and it bonked it's head. It is OK. Found another window. I was up early. Had some fruit juice and meal replacement and milk for breakfast. Oceania Tce is one of the smart streets of Manly. Lota House the huge aged care establishment has the best spot surrounded by a couple of acres of bushland. The house I am looking after is opposite.

I went for a slow meandering walk along the road and then did a loop coming back along Brittania St. Some absolutely fabulous houses here. Stunning. Side by side with an old house that is in dire need of refurbishment. There are fabulous views from the houses on the high side of Oceania - right out over Moreton Bay.