The accident

Fortunately not mine! I had a phone call at 5.30 am - our daughter had falled off her bike and broken her arm. I was up and dressed so I hopped in the car and raced over there. The ambulance came eventually, and she was taken to hospital and as I type this we are still waiting to hear what is happening. It was quite a nasty break and displacement on the left elbow, and she was in a lot of pain.

Happy soul is our daughter and maintained her sense of humour - which escalated when she was given pain killing injections and "laughing gas". She laughed, giggled and joked more than usual.

Perhaps her riding will be curtailed for a while - but I was so proud of her - riding 10 - 15 kms a day four days a week to get fit.

Exercise always bothers me. People who exercise are prone to accidents.