Tuesday, December 19

More offers

I've been so surprised. People are interested in my "career" as a house sitter, and are quite curious about it all. I've now received a number of offers to do other house sits, but I'm not keen until some time in the new year.

For me the benefits are that I can have "me" time, do my writing unhindered, walk a lot, (for health!!!), and sleep well. My own home is so noisy at night, so a house on a quiet street is a must for me.

Through the website I get many e-mails about opportunties around Queensland, and I often have a look and see what is on offer elsewhere. There was a great one in Ireland, Dublin in fact, in the suburb of Blanchardstown, which I know quite well. It was to start on November 28th, and last for four months. My heart skipped a beat over that one. Wouldn't it be great! But of course, the timing was not right, but I do keep an eye on the offers in Ireland. It would be good - and Blanchardstown would have suited me fine.

There was another one going in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia. For a year - on a wild life reserve. The owners were going to leave for a year and wanted animal lovers to take care of their property. There were some goats, chooks, and so forth. Not wild animals, but kangaroos and other native animals. Not a great deal to do, but keep an eye on the place and general maintenance. I wrote to the lady telling her I'd have loved to have done it. But not this time. But I'll keep an eye on all opportunities.

I went to a function (in fact the launch of an anthology which had one of my stories in), and I had another offer. Folk from Victoria Point (not far from Lamb Island, but on the mainland), but I'm still thinking about that. They had no firm date, so it is difficult to consider without that information.

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