Thursday, December 28

A few days to go

A few days before Christmas I was stricken with Shingles. Ghastly painful illness, but I think I'm over the worst. Will just have to see if the pain hangs around. But I'm still planning on doing the house sit in Manly.

It will be nice to have a few days of peace. I'm behind with my writing so perhaps I'll have a chance of catching up to some degree.

I'm hoping to take my bicycle over there too. Whilst it is on a hilly street, it is not far from some good riding tracks, and I shall enjoy that. After nearly two weeks of little physical activity because of the Shingles I'll need to start getting fit again.

The weather has been rather strange - not the heat and humidity we are used to at this time of the year. And whilst it has rained since Christmas Day, it has only been light showers. The house is just a short distance from the waterfront, so will get some of the late afternoon sea breezes.

I'm looking forward to it.

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