Tuesday, November 21

Tuesday - all day on Lamb

I woke just before 5.30 am. Still, I'd slept all night without waking, which is rare for me. I tried to go back to sleep, but as usual I found it impossible, so I was up early.

Later I walked to the kiosk and back - meeting a few people along the way. I had a look at the Pioneer Hall, and the Bowls Club (no bowling green yet). It was a good walk.

I spent most of the day writing and rewriting. My Irish story, and others that I am working on. After my lunch I went for another walk, up the hill from here. There looks to be a few "deserted" houses. At least not a lot of signs of life at all. There are a lot of those on the island.

I followed steps down to the waters edge, and it was there that the mozzies appeared! In droves. I had Airoguard on, but as someone said, that's only condiments to the mozzies here. I headed back home waving my hands and hat around to keep them off. Pretty scary!!

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