Sunday, November 12

Preparing for the next sit

I've been communicating with the house owners via email. I've given details of my car to put in the secure area at Redland Bay, and finalised details of dates etc. All is well.
I decided to go to the Island once more to meet them and discuss final arrangements with a week to go before I move in.

It was a fine day - well, at least until I was halfway to Redland Bay. It was quite heavy with rain, but OK. When I arrived at the ferry terminal there was persistent light rain, but not good photography weather. In fact on the ferry, those passengers that were hoping to sit on the back deck were "forced" indoors. It was just too wet!

Our first stop was Russell Island, and the rain had stopped. Arriving at Lamb Island, there was no rain, just a swirling wind, and threatening dark clouds. I had with me my back pack with a ream of paper and other smaller items, and a carry bag with my printer and miscellaneous items. I had planned to walk to the house. Just over 1 km away. I did hesitate, but then reasoned it would be OK. I could have phoned the house owner who was expecting my call.

The walk was great. It enabled me to "get my bearings" not that I'm likely to get lost when there is only one road, but I was able to see close up the homes on either side of the road. When I reached the B & B, the only one on the island, I did feel a little weird. I hadn't noticed it on my previous trip,and there were other things that were unfamiliar.

In any case I WAS on the right road, and in due course I found the house I was seeking. Pretty pleased with myself. A coffee with the owners and a more comfortable meeting with the dog followed.

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