Friday, November 17

Day one on Lamb Island

I prepared my gear the previous night, so that the following morning I could load the car, and go. I had to meet the owners at 7 am, so I left my Wynnum home just before 6 am. I had to get petrol for the car, and as I rounded the car into Wynnum Road, the car faltered. I knew I was low on fuel, but just hoped I'd make it to the Shell servo. It coughed and spluttered, but after a tense moment seemed to get the energy to go on to the servo. Thankfully we made it.

The drive to Redland Bay was uneventful, and arrived at the ferry terminal at the same time as the family, so there were a few words of explanation, the handover of the keys and they were on their way down to New South Wales.

I had a little shopping to do so I went back to the Victoria Point shopping precinct and waited until they opened at 8 am. Back to the terminal, parking the car in it's spot in the secure car park and I carried my luggage to the terminal and purchased a multi trip ticket to save some money on my frequent trips.

I waited in the terminal building and when a ferry arrived waited until the hordes of people disembarked. They came streaming up the ramps - both ramps - preventing me from going down, but I thought I had time to do so. I was angry as the crowds made way for me to go down the ramp to see the ferry backing out. I was not the oly passenger caught out like this. I have written to the Ferry company about this!!!

It was a waste of time as I had to wait another 35 minutes for the next ferry.

The trip over was interesting as the winds were strong and the ferry had a few challenges pulling up at the jetties.

The "truck" was where the owners had parked it - near the telephone box, so I loaded my things into it, and set on my merry way. I had no trouble with the truck, and am glad I only have to drive from one end of the island to the other.

The house and the dog were waiting for me. I unloaded my groceries, had a cup of coffee, and set about making it tidy. I will use one of the computers downstairs for the internet, and my laptop for writing and downloading any photos.

I took a long walk around the top end of the island, and a few photos, and feel I have settled in. It is so quiet. Occasionally cars pass, and there are myriads of birds. It is bliss.

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