Monday - back to the mainland

We pick gerberas on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, and I've asked to be excused on Wednesdays.

So, to honour my commitment I was up early to do the chores at the house, settle the dog for the day, and get on may way. I caught the 5.50 am ferry - and was most surprised to see it full. Over 90 people setting off from the islands to work on the mainland.

An uneventful ferry trip - time to read.

It was a glorious day - blue skies, no wind, calm waters. The car was there - safe in secure parking, so I pushed my things in and drove off. I was at the farm just before 7 am. The flowers are looking wonderful - still a few bugs around, but so much better than a few weeks ago.

After picking and readying the flowers for the florists, I headed back home to do a few things.

I left around lunchtime, via Dick Smith's at Capalaba where I picked up a little USB jump drive for $10! Then to Woolworths at Victoria Point, and a few grocer items added to my bag before it was back to the Redland Bay jetty.

I met a man on the ferry - an older guy who had moved to MacLeay Island a few years ago and has no regrets. We chatted all the way to MacLeay and he told me abut the new supermarkets being built there. He recommended some of the shops there - especially the delicatessen so I'll have to go over and see for myself.

Back on the island, to my waiting "truck" and back to the house. Bella was welcoming - she had been home alone for the day.


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