Island time and island life

I think that i could live on the island long term. I'd like to try a longer term, so we will see, but as my days here are nearly over, I have time to reflect.

It is so quiet. I'm amused at the locals. There's no bother about seat belts, I doubt if all the cars are registered, no one wears helmets not even on motor bikes, and there's a pretty casual attitude.

I've found the ferries by and large to be on time, but apparently at times they operate on "island time" so I'm told. At times it has been quite hot - it is right now, but I've managed withut turning the airconditioner on, although I admit to having the fan on for two nights. It was hot and humid.

The big challenge is the shopping - if one lived here long term you'd do big shopping expeditions and store a lot more stuff. I went to the kiosk and bought a 2 litre bottle of water and some nuts and it was over $8!!


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