The grandchildren visit

I received a call on my mobile. It mostly works here, but sometimes I have to go to the front deck. In any case on the second try we connected. Hubby had two very excited children with him on the way to the ferry. They were very excited when they arrived.

We drove around for a little while in "the truck" and then to the house where they befriended the resident dog, Bella. We had morning tea, and shortly later went down to the swimming enclosure where the girls had a swim. They are used to swimming pools and didn't like the salty taste of the sea water. They had a wonderful time. On the trip back to the house Z fell asleep. We woke her and after her lunch she fell asleep again. Hubby, Z, and I had a snooze whilst A played with Bella. She said she had a short sleep in a chair downstairs, but it couldn't have been for long!

After we woke, there was just a short time before they had to leave on the ferry, so we packed everything up and made our way to the jetty. Both girls announced that they'd like to return. It is so quiet. So peaceful, they said. I agree.

Coming off the ferry was a couple with a dachshund puppy! Quite a cute little fellow.


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