Saturday, November 18

Day two on the island

Day one was pretty wasted really. I spent time getting organised. Making friends with the dog, and getting my things where I want them. A walk, and a snooze.

On the second day I planned to be more productive and I was. I was up early enough, though a "sleep in" compared to my normal wake up time. I read for a while, and then when I thought the kiosk might be open I drove the truck up the road and left it parked some distance fromt he shop. (I'm a little wary of making a fool of myself trying to back it etc. I'm not used to driving a ute.)

I did get some editing and writing done. In fact a lot, though I found it frustrating as I could not do as much as I set out to do. But progress all the same.

I went for a longer walk around the island - this time checking out the houses for sale. There are lots of them.

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