Birdlife on Lamb Island

I'm not a bird watcher, or twitcher as they are called, but I love all wildlife and I am in wonder at the number of birds on the island. Most you'd expect on Aussie soil, but one that we don't see much of on the mainland is the curlew. I think it is the stone curlew, though I'll have to do my research on this.

They appear late in the afternoon, and have quite a distinctive cry. They cry frequently in the late afternoon, and occasionally during the night. It is quite a weird sound, and they are odd birds. They seem to creep out of the long grass and for a while I wondered if they flew, but I have seen them fly occasionally. They stand around 12 inches high, with long spindly legs and a solid body. They often stand motionless for quite long periods. They are so well camouflaged too, and sometime sit is hard to see them, and hard to take a good photo of them. I managed to get a few photos, but working on getting a better one sometime.


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