Sunday, November 19

Back to the mainland

I've made a commitment to go back to the mainland at least two days a week. We pick gerberas about 3 or 4 days a week at the moment, so I can't leave my family in the lurch that much, but I reason I will still have 5 full days of writing.

I set out to catch the 6.05 am ferry to the mainland. I was up and at the jetty with time to spare, but I'd rather do that than run late and panic. As it turned out the ferry was late - apparently on Saturday mornings it runs late as it has piles of the daily paper, the Courier Mail, to drop at each island.

I met a guy at the ferry who works at Bunnings and commutes each day from Lamb Island. What a life. He invited me to join the local fishing club, but I'll pass on this occasion. I have too much to do, but it sounds nice.

It was one of those perfect mornings. Blue skies, no wind, water calm. Picture perfect and I did take one or two.

I managed to get to the Gerbera farm just after 7 am. It was funny as on the way I felt a little hungry. I'd forgotten breakfast! I'd had a cup of coffee, but nothing else, so I pulled into a servo. That was amusing, as the guy had just bought the business, and it was his first day and nothing had gone right for him. I bought some bottled water and a muesli bar.

The flowers at the farm were spectacular. We've obviously solved one of the problems that we had. Fewer bugs and cleaner water. Gerbera Blog

After picking I went home and did a few things and left around 1 pm. On the way I stopped at Victoria Point, bought a few food items and a bottle of wine. I'll enjoy that later!

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