Thursday, October 19

To Bribie Island

Friday October 13th. We picked flowers again. I was going to be away for the next few days, and Ian had the Bayside Spring Festival to look after. I saved some of the seconds (not so good flowers) to take to Bribie Island in one of the buckets.

I had a passenger – Margaret whom I met at the Society of Women Writers on the Tuesday wanted transport to Bribie, so she arrived at our place at 1 pm. I had already loaded my things into the car, so we parked her car on the lawn, and at the last minute I put the flowers in the car and we headed off. Margaret lives at Victoria Point, not far from Redland Bay.

We have a good run to Bribie, and chat all the way. I had barely said a dozen words to Margaret, so we took a while getting to know each other. It was perfect weather for the weekend at Bribie. When we arrived on the Island I made my first port of call to Sally and George’s place, but neither were home. Sally I knew was in Sydney. I put the flowers in the cat’s dish.

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