Thursday, October 12

Queensland Homes

The poodle and I took a very long walk this morning. I'm getting fitter and fitter - all this walking, and I've lost a couple of kilo's too. I just love looking at the houses around the place. The old Queenslanders - timber homes "on stilts" - built so that the air circulated underneath the house in an effort to keep them cool in the long hot humid summers BEFORE there was airconditioning. These days a lot of the houses are closed in underneath - even the one I am in has two bedrooms, and office, a garage and bathroom and laundry underneath. Too hot? Turn on the air conditioner.

I spent some time vacuuming and cleaning up - the cat's fur seems to be everywhere. I had a wonderful day enjoying my own company - a bit of writing, a bit of reading, a bit of blogging.

I went to the Chamber of Commerce annual general meeting too - interesting to see how they do it.

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