Pretty normal week

Not a lot happened. Picked flowers on Monday and Wednesday, and I attended WOW (our writers group) on Tuesday. On Wednesday afternoon my new refrigerator, washing machine and clothes dryer arrived. Emptying out the old fridge and having all the cold food in eskies around the kitchen looked a mess, but it is a grand new one, so I was happy to cope with the inconvenience.

A washing machine that I can choose to do warm washing if I want too. Very good. And I'm hoping for rain so that I might be able to use the new dryer.

On Thursday I had a couple of events. The opening of the new Shangri La Gardens Restaurant and Motel at 4 pm, and I was due to go to see my friend Barbara later. I couldn't reach her. Her mobile phone was not "active" and she was not home. Eventually she called and I told her that I'd get there after the Shangri La opening.

It was a good drive down and arrived after dark. I'm finding it more difficult each time to find my way - I don't think there is good signage and trying to remember the locale is difficult as the trees grow so much between visits.

I did arrive safely, after nearly running over a hare as I reached the entrance gate.


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