On the deck

Tuesday, September 26th.

As usual I went for a walk - a longer walk each day as I get fitter.

A few friends from the writers group came - supposed to be a committee meeting, but only two able to attend. We did talk "business" but not as productive as it might have been if we had had more in attendance. That's life.

It is a great venue for meetings - sitting out on the back deck. Much quieter than home. (Have I said that before?)

It is wonderful being so close to everything - I can and do walk to the shops, the Manly Hotel, where I like to have most of my meetings. (It's air conditioned, quiet, and inexpensive, and of course I know the staff there!)

It's good to have a walk in the evening. It is a special time, and quite safe along these parts although I notice in the local paper there was an assault in the next street the other night at 2.30 am. Probably the dregs from a late night session at the hotel. Never heard a thing!

I just so like my own company.

I had a meeting with a wonderful guy - manager of a community sector bank that I am negotiating with. We got on so well - and it looks like we could be very, very distantly related. Will have to do some more research on that one!


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