Off leash park

After my fresh fruit breakfast, the poodle and I ventured to the north Wynnum off leash park. I’d taken our own dogs years ago, but all they’d do is escape UNDER the fence. The poodle had a great time chasing other dogs and the ball that I threw with one of those plastic ball thrower. My walking was less than if I’d gone on one of my usual long walks but the dog enjoyed it.

When we got back to the house I realized that I had not purchased the daily paper – the Sunday Mail is always good for a read over a cup of coffee, so poodle and I walked to the local shop.

Back to the house and a bit of housework. Later I bathed the poodle. He was good and behaved well for me. He really is a good dog. Ian phoned – his car had broken down, and he was waiting for the RACQ to come and tow it. Nothing I could do.

I emptied the dishwasher, vacuumed the floors upstairs and downstairs and washed the dog bed and towels.

I listened to music this morning – first Amici, and then some James Morrison and other jazz music. I had a couple of chops for lunch and some fruit and yoghurt.

I did a bit of writing – printed out some of my m/s but the ink in the printer has run out, so I will have to get more tomorrow. I updated by BlogFeast Blog with comment about our youth and the fact that so many seem to be on a self destruct mission.

I watched television at midday – my usual Sunday fare of Landline. It is always interesting. I was particularly interested in the developments around Chinchilla west of Brisbane. Amazing things happening with the discovery of gas in the region.

I read - more of the Secret River, and late in the afternoon the poodle and I went for a long walk into Wynnum. At one point we were quietly walking along and a huge dog umped over a fence onto us in an agressive manner. I nearly freaked. I screamed at the dog. "Shooo!" and it backed off. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest.

Other than that it was a fairly uneventful walk.


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