Thursday, October 12

Moving in

On the day they were due to leave on their travels I called in and collected the keys and the last minute instructions. I came back a few hours later and they had gone.

I moved in with a suitcase with minimal clothes, my laptop and a bag of goodies I'd purchased at the supermarket. I set about putting things away and "feeling my way" around the house.

I invited a friend in for a glass of wine - and we had quite a funny time. I had to familiarise myself with everything. Which drawer was the cutlery in? Where's the switch for....

We had a glass of wine or two, a long chat, and after an hour or so she left.

I took the dog for a walk. The dog is a poodle, and quite spoilt. "Does not know he's a dog" and lifts his leg to pee on every pole, tree, fence etc. so I was told. I knew he'd learn a few rules. He did as was explained to me - or at least he tried to pee on everything, but I kept walking and often he'd be on three legs with one in the air to "drain the swamp" and I'd just keep walking. He soon learned.

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