Thursday, October 12

Movie -"The Wind that Shakes the Barley"

As usual the poodle and I went for our morning walk - we took another route and I dreamed of living in some of the houses. Some really I wouldn't live in - unless gifted to me, and I'd have to change a few things. It is the proximity to the water and all the ammenties that appeals to me.

I was a little late for picking flowers - but no one commented. The whole family was on deck so we got things done very quickly. I left early as I had a promotion at Bendigo Bank in Wynnum to do, so I rushed off home, showered and changed and arrived in a timely manner for our duties.

We are trying to get local support for a Community Bank - Bendigo Bank community bank, and we are almost at the level of support we need to progress with the project so it is exciting. We had a few good prospects. We are seeking pledges of $500 or more from local residents and business owners.

After lunch I went back to work in the Gerbera Farm - we have a mammoth task to "deleaf" all the plants. There is too much green matter and the crowns of the plants need to have more exposure to sunlight and air. It is quite a pleasant job. I did nearly two hours before my back complained.

I returned to the poodle and the cat, and lay on the bed reading.

We planned to go to the movies at the new Dendy, Portside. We planned for the earlier session, but in the end didn't make it. However, we did get there in time to walk around the new facility - combined cruise ship terminal and shopping precinct.

It had only been opened recently. It was quite wonderful. We had a simple meal before going to the movies.

The movie was “The Wind that Shakes the Barley” – a film that won critical acclaim for the best film of 2006, about Irish freedom fighters that unite to fight off the ruthless British armed forces. It was pretty raw and confronting, abut life in Ireland during “the troubles” in the 1920’s. It was filmed around County Cork and the vision was pretty depressing. A good film. Very confronting.

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