Thursday, October 19

Monday October 9th. The early morning walk – my last one with the poodle. I would miss him. After the walk I drove over to the farm, for the usual picking day. I’d missed the Saturday pick, but it was small since we had picked on Friday.

I’d dropped a few things off at home and then went back to Manly to finish cleaning up. I’d washed the sheets and put them on the line, but rain threatened so I brought them in. I did the floors, the vacuuming, took the last of my things and loaded the car.

I had a doctor’s appointment – it had been some months since I had the eco-cardiogram and I had not been back for the results. I figured they’d call if there was a problem. I got the all clear. There was a reasonable expectation that there would be some valve damage as I had been told when I was young that Id had rheumatic fever and as a result there was a small heart murmur. There appears to be no evidence of any damage. Good news.

I went back to the house, and did the final clean up. I made the bed with clean sheets, and put some gerberas in vases around the house, said goodbye to the dog and the cat and left.

The family were due home that evening.

I returned to my home.

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