Thursday, October 12


Monday September 25th

A few appointments. I'm currently unemployed. Well, let me explain more. I'm on no-one's payroll, and am desperately looking for work to compliment my writing income which is very low. A couple of appointments but no great success with anything. I guess I'm not only "mature", my skills are not what people want, and I don't want to move to the other side of Australia. Not yet, anyway.

In the evening I had two meetings - am in the Wynnum Manly Arts Council, so we had our regular monthly meeting, and I went to another meeting later. Another community organisation.

Late night. The poodle and the cat were waiting for me. I watched a little TV before going to bed.

I haven't been able to work the Video player here, so have a few things to watch when I return home. Including the Steve Irwin memorial service.

Still enjoying my peace and tranquility.

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