Medical Role Playing

Saturday, October 7th. This was my big day. I was up very early and walked the poodle. I left treats for the poodle and the cat, and then off to the Royal Brisbane Hospital. I had tried to contact one of the other ladies who was also supposed to work with me on that day, with the hope of getting a ride into the hospital, but she never answered the phone. It seems she was away – in any case she did not turn up at the RBH.

It was my day to do role playing for medical examinations. I’m lucky to do it twice a year and earn some nice money for doing so. It is a big day starting at 8 am and finishing after 5 pm. I had to play the role of someone with a respiratory disease. Doctors have to pass this exam if they have graduated in countries other than Australia, and it is a very hard exam, as they have multiple stations at which to be assessed

I had an early evening meal with H and went back to the house at Manly. Knackered. As it turns out the poodle woke me at midnight - nature called or was it a cat to chase? Anyway eventually I was back to sleep but not for long. The phone rang. I hadn’t answered the phone at night before, and I couldn’t find it. By the time I reached it, it stopped. Back to sleep again. An hour later, the phone rang again, and this time I reached it but without my glasses on couldn’t identify the button to press. It stopped again. I got off to sleep again, and the phone rang again an hour later. This time I answered it. A male voice asked for D – the house owner. I said she was not home, but on holidays. It appears he was in Paris, and was trying to phone D on her mobile, but had hit the key for her home number. Sleep was over for me then, so I got up and worked on the computer for a few hours.


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