Thursday, October 12

I meet the lady of the house

My first meeting with the lady of the house, whom I shall refer to as D, was very welcoming and we had a few things in common. As it turns out we had a lot in common, but I was not to learn that until later.

I was introduced to the dog (a small poodle), that I would have to care for and walk daily, and the cat (a persian), and I seemed to pass that test. The cat, as cats are, was very distant and treated me with disdain, but the dog took a liking to me.

I was shown around a lovely house, and the amenities were pointed out. I shall describe the house later, but I loved it on sight! It was to streets back from the foreshore, in a quiet street, and the house was just wonderful. It was like a dream come true.

I immediately accepted the posting for nearly a month from September 15th - October 9th. Yeeha.

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