House sitting for my daughter.

I "house sat" for my daughter back in June, and I found the peace and traquility wonderful and it helped me do more of my writing. Nothing much to interrupt me, and I found I could live on less complicated food - giving me more time to write. I have a couple of major projects on, so desperately need to be on my own to complete them. Someone told me that it was easy to get housesitting "jobs", so I set about investigating it. I found some sites on the Internet and watched what was happening. It seems that many folk are willing to offer free accomodation in their homes whilst they go on holiday. In return for the free accomodation the house sitter must keep the house in order, some gardening often, and most important of all for some folk is the care of animals. To put a dog in kennels it can be costly. A small dog can cost $15 a day - so a 30 day holiday can add $450 to the cost of the holiday. A cat too? Maybe $10 day - so another $300 if one has a cat as well. I advertised in the local paper with an interesting result. I found others were interested in housesitting too, but did not know how to source houses to sit at. I watched some sites on the Internet and over several months saw lots of exciting opportunities, but none local. I wanted to try out this housesitting in my local area. Then one day, there came a house available in Manly - just a few kms from home. I had to sign up on the website, pay a fee, in this case $50 for a year, and I was able to directly contact the house owners. I phoned and made an appointment to meet them.


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