Good wine and company

Friday October 6th . Up early and walking again. We had decided to do an early pick as I would not be available on the Saturday. It was a big pick. The spring flush?

Back to the house, after delivering a few flowers to friends.

I know that my days at this house are numbered. Another 4 or 5 days to go.

Pamela my editor visited late in the afternoon. We enjoy good food and wine, and a good chat. I had to baby-sit too, so my two grandchildren arrived with the McHappy Meal as I was not going to feed them. They had a lot of fun entertaining Pamela and the poodle. They gave the poodle and the cat extra treats, and we went for a walk down to the beach hoping that the cat would follow. She did for a little distance but not as far as she does sometimes. I always find it odd to be followed by a cat on my walk.

The girls were ready for bed. They got into their pj’s without having a bath – in fact refused one, although I was in trouble for it later. They fell asleep in the big bed. J came to pick them up later, as I had an early morning the following day.

It was late when J and K came for them, and I was in trouble about them not having a bath. Oh, well.


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