The first night

The first night was very interesting. I had a snack - I wasn't ready for a meal - and took a book down to the bedroom which I was going to share with the poodle. Yes, he has his own "bed" adjacent to the foot of the bed. I read for a while, and then let the dog outsite for the last pee for the night, before we both retired.

At 4 am he jumped up on the bed. It appeared that "nature had called" so I climbed out of bed, opened the french doors to the outsite world and he rushed off for a few minutes, before returning to his own bed. We both slept for a few more hours.

When I eventually was prepared to get up, I donned my walking shoes, and tracky pants etc and we went for a glorious walk along the waterfront. I then left for my Saturday morning task of picking flowers.


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