Thursday, October 12

A different bed

I don't always find it easy sleeping in a different bed - but it didn't take long to get used to, especially when the room is dark and quiet. The bedroom is at the back of the house away from the traffic and so very peaceful.

It took a little while to find things - little things that one uses every day, but are now in a "different" place.

Each morning I wake to see the eager face of the poodle, waiting for it's morning walk. Now way could you miss out on it. He keeps an eye on my whilst I climb into my walking clothes, and shoes, and when I pick up the lead and plastic dog poo bags he really gets excited.

I've enjoyed walking around the neighbourhood looking at the houses. Usually I drive past and see very little, but each day is a new adventure for me as I choose to go in different paths. I'm surprised how many really old houses there are - really ripe for developing and I'm sure they are sick of would-be developers knocking on their doors.

I see the homes with rainwater tanks to help save their gardens in the drought too - with their sign to advise all that the sprinkler is connected to rain water and not town water which is now illegal to use on gardens. festival plus 020

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