Thursday, October 12

Confused about departure date

I was very excited and looked forward to moving in. As it turns out there was some confusion about their departure date. They got it confused, but in the end it all worked out well. They were going to Spain for a month.

We exchanged various e-mails with further information during the "waiting period" and made arrangements for me to meet D's husband.

So one Sunday I called around and C was home. He is a big bloke, works in LAW, and is quite a character. The dog came running to greet me as if I was one of the family, which impressed C, as he somehow thought I had spent a lot of time with the dog. Just clicked I guess.

He's quite a jovial character, and invited me to share a bottle of wine with him until his wife returned. She was collecting other family members from the airport. I declined the wine offer, as I had to drive home, but shared the food he put on the table.

When D came home, I met other family members, and later was shown around again, this time getting details on things, including the dog and cat feeding regime, etc. I still had almost a week before they were going away and arranged to meet them again on the morning of departure.

I was impressed with the way that I was treated. They were keen that I have a good experience in their house. I was looking forward to moving in.

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