Thursday, October 12

A bit of Sodoku

Tuesday October 3rd, 2006

The poodle and I went for our walk this morning and we found an amazing walkway between some houses high on the hill above the marina. It was very steep, but there was a paved walkway, and even a little bridge over a gully that I could imagine water rushing through in a heavy downpour of rain. It was quite an experience as it felt just like we were right in the middle of the Aussie bush somewhere. We were high above the marina, and with the esplanade below us, it was quite extraordinary. I wonder how many local people know about this wonderful place.

On the way back I hitched the poodle to the little dog stand near the supermarket and purchased my newspaper for the day. I don't get it everyday, but do on a Tuesday as there is a good food and wine liftout that I enjoy. Finished the Sodoku in abut 20 minutes.

It was Writers Group this morning and I was on time, that is until I "bumped into" a lady who had attended the recent Grants Expo. She just wanted to talk and talk, so I was late to WOW (the writers group).

We had a good session - some information on critiquing and some impromptu writing which was rathr fun.

I returned the house and the poodle for lunch before venturing out again to see a friend. Later back to the house. Quiet. Writing time.

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